Our high-quality amenities and facilities are designed to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for all individuals. From swimming pools and fitness centers to community gathering places and playgrounds, we offer a wide range of amenities that promote health, wellness, and social interaction. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to ensuring that our facilities are built for safety, accessibility, and longevity.



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Berry Bay Pavilion

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Mail Kiosk
Mail Kiosk
Mail Kiosk
Mail Kiosk
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The Rogers Group Mission & Vision



We are committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients through our unwavering dedication to quality, efficiency, and client satisfaction. By leveraging our extensive experience, leadership, and expertise, we consistently surpass expectations, completing projects within scope, on time, and within budget. We seamlessly guide our clients through the entire construction process from pre-construction through build, ensuring a rewarding experience.


To be the premier construction partner by consistently delivering exceptional quality, on-time completion, and budget adherence, while exceeding client expectations through our expertise, leadership, and experience.


Integrity. Teamwork. Loyalty. Reliability. Commitment.

TBBA - Tampa Bay Builders Association
FHBA - Florida Home Builders Assocation
NAHB - National Association of Home Builders
FGBC - Florida Green Building Coalition
MBCAE - Metal Building Contractors and Erectors


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